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aaron3Michael A. Jones, D. Min., affectionately known as Dr. Michael Aaron, is recognized via his preaching ministry for his witty candor and unique ability to provide insight into the lives of those who are in receipt of his imparted words.  His creative presentation is packaged and delivered in such an inimitable way that many additional doors have opened for him to minister throughout the United States, South Africa, Switzerland and London, England.  Dr. Michael Aaron is an entrepreneur, pastor, author, national speaker, coach/consultant and radio personality who inspires and motivates his audiences.  His mission is aimed at “helping each listener to identify and pursue their own passion and purpose!”

Dr. Michael Aaron founded his first company at the age of 26 with no formal training in the area of Mortgage Banking.  With all of his knowledge self taught, he soon transitioned from mortgage broker to a recognized mortgage banker, underwriter and corporate executive.  Over a 25 year period, he grew his company exponentially – from initially operating out of his basement with no startup capital, to opening and operating a total of 11 offices in 5 states; and employing over 100 staff members.  His company grew to become one of the largest minority mortgage banking firms in the South East.

Dr. Michael Aaron earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Education from Aenon Bible College and holds his Doctorate in Ministry in Church Administration.  A perpetual learner, he is currently earning an additional Doctorate in Ministry, with a concentration in Biblical Leadership.  He is pastor of Living LIFE Worship Center in College Park, Georgia.  His background includes having previously served as a chaplain with the Atlanta Police Department, and was a Reserve Deputy Sheriff.  He was the first African American President-Elect of the Georgia Association of Mortgage Brokers, and has been recognized for this by the United States Congress.  Dr. Michael Aaron deeply understands the agony defeat – as he suffered the loss of his thriving business and ended up serving time in a federal prison, for a business related offense.

Having experienced both success and failure; rise and fall; wins and losses, Dr. Michael Aaron is qualified to lead people to travel on the roads of productivity in finding their passion and fulfilling their destiny despite life’s disappointments, failures or setbacks.  He recognizes that there are many circumstances in life that could impede one’s progress…things such as downsizing, layoff, divorce, financial loss and more.  He is a wonderful and transparent example of God’s ability to facilitate a turnaround and bring restoration and recovery.  He has overcome many challenges; and is a leader’s leader who stops at nothing to walk individuals into personal fulfillment for comebacks notwithstanding setbacks.  A forward thinker and one who has an exceptional capacity to motivate individuals into realizing their passions and fulfilling their true potential, Dr. Michael Aaron continues to inspire individuals and groups through personalized coaching sessions, church services and conferences with his insightful heartfelt presentations – delivered with a side of humor.

To book Dr. Michael Aaron at your next meeting, conference or church service, send an email to: contactus@drmichaelaaron.com

“Dr. Michael Aaron is truly like a second father to me! I know I join a sea of people who feel the same way, but what I love most about Dr. Michael Aaron is his ability to make each person in his life feel like they are the most important! He exudes such compassion and wisdom, that after one conversation with him, you feel as if you can do ANYTHING- just because he says you can.” – Ashley


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